Video Marketing

    Video Marketing

    Video Marketing is a unique engaging marketing channel that combines text, image and sound. It is simply a better way to promote your product or services.

    All The Amazing Features of Your Product

    Compare the pre-television era to the television era, video can be packed with much more information than text or image or sound by itself. With the rise of the video marketing platforms, video creation, and editing tools, video marketing is poised to dominate in the near future.

    Why Video Marketing?

      Marketing Automation

      Speed up the time you spend on your marketing campaigns.  We are here to help you automate this process to create new posts and pages fast.

      Lead Generation

      There are multiple ways to acquire new leads including blog posts, social media posts, and e-newsletters to name a few.  Contact us today to increase your lead generation.

      Leads Highway Video Marketing Service


      Leads Highway video marketing service is a personalized video marketing strategy and plan for your small business with cutting edge technology and expertise that deliver results. Our marketing service is the most efficient way for small businesses to communicate with their existing customers and to reach new customers. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that your video marketing campaign reaches its target and delivers.

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        • End to End white glove video creation and marketing service.
        • Ideal target audience analysis.
        • High conversion video content..
        • Customer oriented video marketing.
        • Real-time analytics
        • Cutting edge technology.

      Video Marketing FAQ

      Hannya tech email marketing is end to end white glove service for small business customers.

        • Hannya tech video marketing is end to end white glove service for small business customers.
        •  Manage video content for optimized growth like a number of views, response rate and more.
        •  Identify and manage target audience.
        •  Author high-quality video content.
        •  Suggestion on the video marketing campaign goal.
        •  Design high conversion video templates and content.
        •  Real time Analytics
        •  Improve and achieve the video campaign goal

      Video Marketing Steps

      1. Set the video campaign goal [Offer redemption, event attendance, charity donation…]

      2. Analyze your target audience [Identify and develop a strategy to reach your target audience.]

      3. Video creation [design high conversion video content]

      4. Execute the video campaign [deliver video to your customers]

      5. Video platform analytics and improve the campaigns. [Measure the video response, update the execution]

      6. Drive customers to your business.


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